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Awesome Aroga Events

Aroga is committed to connecting, sharing, and educating the Aroga family with all kinds of calls, webinars, and exciting events. You can visit here any time for the latest and greatest for ongoing and upcoming events!


Aroga P3

Our biggest and best annual conference is all about People, Passion, and Purpose. This conference is for all Wellness Partners and offers a chance to meet others with shared goals, learn and gain information on science, products, and future plans for success, and lastly a chance to rejuvenate and energize your passion for making a difference. To learn more or to pre-register for the next P3 event, click here.


Do What You Love Local Meetups

We encourage Wellness Partners to host local meetups as a great way to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs in your area. Meetup events can be very casual at a local restaurant or meeting place and cover all kinds of topics and explore ways to improve health and wealth in the lives of others. To learn more about hosting your own Do What You Love meet up, click here.


Weekly Corporate Calls

Stay up to date with all the latest happenings and join our weekly conference call (and even invite others). We also have archived recordings of our calls so you can do your homework as well on your own time.  Following is the schedule for our weekly calls:


All calls are every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8PM CST at (701) 801-9675.


Tuesdays:  “Why Aroga?”

This call is hosted by different Wellness Partners each week talking about why they started their Aroga business. This call is designed for anyone who may be interested in becoming an Aroga Wellness Partner and “sharing the health and wealth.”


Wednesdays:  “Aroga Products” 

This call is hosted by one of our great wellness partners—Dr. John Rollins.  Dr. Rollins has a deep scientific knowledge base with a special gift of presenting the information in a way that all people can understand. Each call features either a specific Aroga product and how our bodies use it, or a health concern and how the body uses Aroga products to support itself.


Thursdays: “TheraGel Oral Health” 

This call is hosted by Dr. John Hall.  Dr. Hall is a dentist and is a corporate Sr. Product Advisor. Dr. Hall has an extensive knowledge of oral health.  This call is similar to the “Aroga Products” call, but focuses on TheraGel and oral health concerns.  He often focuses on how TheraGel and the connection between our mouth and body health.



Monthly Corporate Update

Stay up to date with what is happening at corporate with our once monthly update call.  This update occurs on the first non-holiday Monday of every month. The format is a video broadcast on YouTube and Facebook, so make sure that you like and follow our social media accounts!  For our Facebook group, click here.  For our YouTube channel,  click here.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about wellness, you can submit your idea here: